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Shield your Smart Contracts

Get the advantage of AI-powered Web3 Security for your
dApp’s DevSecOps.

Simple. Seamless. Streamlined.

An ecosystem of products to detect vulnerabilities and prevent threats - from development to post-deployment.
AI Audit

AI Audit

AI-driven auditing tools for a critical layer of security in the development phase.

Active Now
Manual Audit

Manual Audit

Comprehensive reviews by experienced auditors to uncover any code issues.

On Demand
Red Team & Bug Bounty

Red Team & Bug Bounty

A dual approach of simulated attacks and incentives to find, and report hidden vulnerabilities.

On Demand


Advanced ML-based threat modelling to proactively shield smart contracts from hackers.

Coming Soon
Incident Response

Incident Response

Pre-set actions & insights to quickly counter threats & breaches, ensuring timely incident management.

Coming Soon

Outsmart the hackers. Plug the dollar drain.

With Smart Contract deployments on the rise, insufficient audits are leading to a surge in security breaches, and resulting in significant financial losses.
Future-ready Web3 Security and extensive benefits with Automated Audits.

Cut Costs


Slash Time


Do More


Stay Secure


AI Audits - More Made Simple. And Easy.

Secure your development process with AI Audits - with a host of simple and user-friendly features.

Fortify Smart Contracts

  • AI Audits

    AI Audits

  • Shareable

    Audit Reports

  • One click

    Vulnerability Fixes

Easy Project Set-up for Auditing

  • Verified

    from GitHub

  • Upload

    Upload from
    your Device

  • Github

    Import Verified
    On-Chain Contracts

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